Ergobag Prime Backpacks – For Children Ages 5-9

Ergobag Prime Ergonomic Backpacks - Ages 5-9 - Click to enlarge
Ergobag Prime is the bag designed to benefit the child's shoulders and back ergonomically throughout their grade school years
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Ergobag Prime Ergonomic Backpacks - Ages 5-9
Ergobag has adapted the ergonomic design and support offered by hiking backpacks to a smaller scale for the important step a child makes into elementary school. The strap system on the Ergobag Prime helps to start a child's posture off on the right path, keeping the bag comfortably close to the back at all times. The hip belt is padded to fit snugly around the waist to allow for the bag’s weight to be shifted from the shoulders to the stronger hip area. It is also built with a stabilizing aluminum frame and anatomically-shaped shoulder straps, making it the premier children’s ergonomic backpack in the U.S. The Ergobag Prime is designed to be adjusted to the perfect fit depending on the child's size, and is meant to grow with them through their elementary school years. With 20 liters of room within, there is enough space to fit everything needed for the school day. All Ergobags are made from sustainable materials, comprised only of textiles made from recycled PET bottles.


  • Reflective material covers backpack to ensure visibility in the dark
  • Book compartment in bag’s interior helps bring weight in close to the back, helping posture
  • Back padding designed for breathability
  • Bag has four rubber feet to help stand upright while not in use, and raise bag from ground
  • Roomy front pocket offers generous space and opens easily with magnetic buckle
  • Carrying loop makes hanging bag simple
  • Name tag on bag’s inside helps to prevent lost property
  • Comes with two themed stick-on buttons for added personalization


  • Dimensions (in inches): 14”H x 10”W x 8.5”D
  • Weight: 2.43 lbs
  • Interior Capacity: 20 liters
  • Intended Age Range: 5-9 years
  • Appropriate Height Range: between 3'7" and 4'11"