What makes Ergobags unique?

We combine the ergonomic design of innovative trekking backpacks with everything required of a school bag in the elementary years. Thanks to the broad hip belt, the weight is shifted from the shoulders to the stronger pelvic area. Our school bags can be adapted to ensure the perfect fit that will grow with their owners.

Our environment is of great importance to all of us. That is why our products are made of 100% PET recycled fabrics. Because of this, plastic waste gets a new purpose and natural resources are saved.

There is nothing more important to us as child safety. All school bags are covered with reflective material so that Ergobag-owners are visible in the dark.
Ergobag Mini Ergonomic Backpacks - Ages 3-5Ergobag Mini Ergonomic Backpacks - Ages 3-5
Ergobag Mini is the fun and functional ergonomic backpack that promotes good posture in the early stages of child development
Regular price: $54.95
Sale price: $29.00
Ergobag Satch Pack Backpacks - Ages 10+Ergobag Satch Pack Backpacks - Ages 10+
Ergobag Satch Pack is the ergonomic backpack that will promote healthy shoulders and back for your growing child
Regular price: $129.95
Sale price: $75.00
Affenzahn Small Friends Backpacks - Ages 1-3Affenzahn Small Friends Backpacks - Ages 1-3
Great quality and highly functional! This animal-themed backpack brings a small piece of home to school with your toddler each and every day
Regular price: $25.00
Sale price: $15.00
Affenzahn Big Friends Backpacks - Ages 3-5Affenzahn Big Friends Backpacks - Ages 3-5
Bags with personality! Equip your child with a fun, animal-themed backpack that is both interactive and highly functional
Regular price: $45.00
Sale price: $25.00