Bright Future Moll Desk Combo Bundle

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Save with this kit. Includes a Champion Desk, Maximo Chair and Flexlight
We recommend the Left Up for right handed children and the Right Up for left handed children. The Front Up is perfect for everyone.
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Bright Future Moll Desk Combo Bundle

Save With This Bundled Pack!

This Moll desk and chair combination includes the Moll Champion Desk, Flexlight LED Desk Lamp, Maximo Chair. (See all Maximo Chair colors.. Designed to grow with your child, both the desk and chair adjust to your child's size.

Champion Desk Features

A fun yo-yo style pulley makes it easy for your child to adjust the desk to the best height. The adjustable desk design ensures the same ergonomic benefits for your child from preschool through high school.

Tilting Desk Surface Reduces Eye Strain

Moll Champion Desk is available in three desk surface styles: left up split top, right up split top and front up. All three desk surface styles are 47 1/4 inches x 28 5/16 inches.

The adjustable desk surface tilts up to 20 degrees. A pinch-free, child-friendly button makes it easy for your child to position the work surface at the perfect angle for reading, writing and creating. A magnetic anti-slip strip secures items on the tilting surface.

Left Up Split Top: A tilting work surface on the left and a stationary surface on the right and back of desk. Ideal for right handed children.

Right Up Split Top: A tilting work surface on the right and a stationary surface on the left and back of desk. Ideal for right handed children.

Front Up: The entire work surface tilts. A stationary surface on the back of the desk offers storage.

Kid Friendly Colors

The desk includes leg runner covers and yo-yo pulley covers that match the Maximo Chair. Your child can easily change the colors anytime. The Champion Desk includes leg runner covers and yo-yo pulley covers in eight colors: blue, red, orange, green, pink, black, white and silver.

Champion Desk Specifications

  • Desk leg bases feature disappearing rolling casters to easily move the desk.
  • Magnetic anti-slip strip with a built in ruler and magnifying glass keeps books in place on the tilted surface.
  • Roomy compartment on the back of the desk neatly stores power cords and cables.
  • Super sturdy, kid-friendly construction. Made for wear and tear with easy-to-clean, exclusive melamine resin-coated chipboard.
  • Portable book holder attaches to the desk or folds away in a book bag for ergonomic reading comfort wherever your child goes.
  • Dimensions (in inches): 32.3 H x 47.25 W x 28.4 D
  • Desk height adjusts from 20.87 inches to 32.29 inches
  • Fits children and adults from 3.57 feet to 6.56 feet tall
  • Assembly required.

Maximo Chair Features

The seat height, seat depth and backrest height adjust independently with easy-to-operate levers. The seat and oscillating backrest are ergonomically shaped to ensure healthy posture and reduce back strain. A wide five-armed base provides stability and prevents the chair from tipping. A secret compartment on the bottom of the chair adds more fun to Maximo Chair's functionality.

  • Seat height, seat depth and backrest height adjust independently with stainless steel sliding guides and levers.
  • Finish the top of the seat column with a cap or handle (both included).
  • Wide base prevents tipping.
  • Universal rolling casters provide mobility on bare floors and carpet.
  • TurnStop feature locks the rolling casters when needed.
  • Washable, removable seat and backrest covers.
  • Available in Black, Blue, Galaxy, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Rose, and Wonderland. See all Maximo Chair colors.
  • Dimensions (in inches): 21.3 H x 26.8 W x 16.8 D
  • Adjustable height range (in inches): 11.02-21.26
  • Suitable for child height of 3.6 feet to 6.4 feet
  • Weight limit: 80 kg or 176 lb.

Flexlight Features

This energy efficient desk lamp clamps securely onto Moll Champion Desk to reduce eye strain. Bend and position the flexible lamp arm to direct the light wherever you need it. The flicker-free light can be dimmed from 100% to 5%.

  • Built-in ball joints enable the lamp arm to bend to the perfect angle.
  • Cost efficient LED lamp uses 85% less energy than a 60W light bulb.
  • Colored back light doubles as a fun night light.
  • Changeable back-light colors.
  • Built in USB charging port for electronics and mobile phone.
  • Available in Silver.
  • Dimensions (in inches): 16.54 H x 24.4 W x 2.17 D
  • Learn more about the technical specifications on the Flexlight LED Lamp product page.

Enhance with Add On Options

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"As the mother of a school aged child this desk has been one of my smartest and proudest investments yet. I will never have to purchase another desk for my son again. Besides meeting all the needs of being ergonomically correct, easy to adjust as the child grows, incredibly easy to assemble, and very functional and encouraging for homework, this desk also has a nice clean, and very sleek design. Functional and beautiful. I love this desk so much that I even purchased one for myself for my home office. These are not purchases that I will ever regret."

VAdT -- Proud and Happy Moll desk owner, New York, NY

"I first saw these desks in Asia and was happy to finally find them in the USA. If you are looking for the BEST kids desk and chair and serious about your kids education then give them the tools and environment to foster their learning. It pleases me to see my daughters sit at a desk that fits them and they enjoy sitting at for hours. It's a good long term investment. I could see this desk lasting a few generations."

Jason C., Denver, CO

"This is a very well designed chair that is so easy to adjust to your child's height and encourage good posture so there will be no more fidgeting when your child is doing homework. The cover even easily pops off for cleaning when dirty and the wheels roll very nicely and smoothly on our hardwood or carpet. We even roll it over to the dining table whenever we need an extra seat, and it can then be readjusted for an adult or bigger child. Very versatile and well worth the investment."

VAdT, New York, NY