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Every child is unique. Some learn best by watching; some learn best by doing; some learn best by asking. Some love to draw; some love to read; some love to invent. Some kids are at the top of the height chart; some kids are the shortest in the group. The one common thread all kids have is that they are constantly changing. Red is the favorite color this week; green is the favorite color next week. During a growth spurt, the shortest kid can become the tallest kid in the class.

As a parent, you are learning and changing too. Each day, your ever-evolving child teaches you to adapt. From learning 1+2=3 to memorizing multiplication tables to finding derivatives, your child learns so much in a short time span. One moment, your child is discovering letters; the next moment, your child is writing a research paper.

At Moll Desks, we've experienced the rapid pace of childhood development first hand with our own kids and saw the need for an adaptable desk. We've built adjustable Moll Desks and Chairs to fit all children. Best sellers around the world, Moll Desks and Chairs are universally comfortable and uniquely ergonomic for every child.

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"Sit up straight or you'll get a crooked back." "Don't cross your eyes - they'll freeze like that." While these old sayings are mythical, they reflect the perennial parental concern about children's health. Moll Kids' Adjustable Chairs and Desks teach healthy sitting habits now and reduce muscle fatigue and strain later.
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