Enhance Your Joker Desk with Accessories

Create a personalized study area for your child with Joker Desk additions. Add extra storage with an optional Drawer. Reduce eye strain and improve concentration with an optional Light. Expand your child's work surface with an optional Side Top Extension. Other accessories include a foldable book holder, blotting pad, cable butler, and an organization set.
Drawer for Joker DeskDrawer for Joker Desk
Optional drawer spans the width of the Joker Desk and is perfect for additional storage
Side Top Extension for Joker DeskSide Top Extension for Joker Desk
Extend your work area with this add-on desk surface that can be added to either side of the desk. Side Top comes in White. For Oak or Maple options, please see the Clearance page.
Foldable Book HolderFoldable Book Holder
This book holder can be folded together easily and even taken to school
NOTE: If you are purchasing a Champion, it already includes a Foldable Book Holder
Cable Butler for Desktop SurfaceCable Butler for Desktop Surface
The metal hand adheres to the desk and allows for better cable organization
Orga Set for Desktop Surface or DrawersOrga Set for Desktop Surface or Drawers
Allows for added organization either on the desktop or desk drawer
Blotting Pad for Desktop SurfaceBlotting Pad for Desktop Surface
This pad adds an element of design and personalization to your desk. For Pirate or Princess versions of the blotting pad, check out the Clearance page.